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Salesforce Layoffs: By Role and Level

By Chris Talley, and Steven Zhang
Some tech companies have provided very detailed information regarding exactly which roles, levels, and teams have been affected by layoffs. So the WARNTracker team set out to process this data and provide some insight by tagging thousands of entries with their corresponding levels (e.g. L5/L6/etc) and functions (engineering, HR, etc).

Keep in mind that because the tagging process had to be done manually, we had to select a subset of the entries to perform this analysis for. The following analysis covers roles at Salesforce from layoffs performed in 2022 and 2023. These are taken from the California WARN notices, so they only reflect employees based in California.

Check out these breakdowns and insights from the analysis!

Some interesting takeaways:

Nobody at any level is safe from layoffs, but...
  • Twitter and Google both laid off distinguished engineers
  • Google laid off several VPs
  • Meta laid off one VP
  • However, it does appear that ICs are much more heavily impacted than managers (See this blog post for more)

The quality and granularity of detail provided by companies varies widely
  • Meta provided detailed information about the job titles, teams, and levels of each affected California employee
  • Salesforce, on the other hand, only provided he overall business unit name for affected employees

Amazon layoffs appeared to be less engineering-heavy than others
  • About 20% of affected Amazonians had the word “Engineer” in their title, compared to about 30% for Meta and Facebook

For more insight from these notices, check out these other WARNTracker blog posts:

Below is a partial sample of the recent WARN layoff data by role and level for Salesforce. For access to the complete data set, please contact us here

Email sales@warntracker.comfor the full dataset

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