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48 WARN Layoff Notices for General Electric from Sep 1987 to Apr 2022

General Electric filed 48 WARN layoff notices from Sep 1987 to Apr 2022 in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, New York, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin. 6,494 employees were laid off in total from these layoffs.
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Map of General Electric layoffs

All WARN layoff notices for General Electric

1General ElectricGA2502022-04-072015-01-23DuluthGeneral Electric Power and Water2022
2General ElectricGA252022-04-072002-08-12AtlantaG. E. Capital2022
3General ElectricGA1092022-04-072000-04-21AtlantaG. E. Capital Corporation2022
4General ElectricGA492022-04-072000-04-21NorcrossGeneral Electric Company2022
5General ElectricGA1292022-04-072000-03-30RomeGeneral Electric Company2022
6General ElectricGA602022-04-072000-03-29AtlantaGeneral Electric Company2022
7General ElectricGA602022-04-072000-03-20RomeGeneral Electric Company2022
8General ElectricGA1612022-04-071998-02-02RomeGeneral Electric Company2022
9General ElectricGA2202022-04-071995-07-21RomeGeneral Electric Company2022
10General ElectricME702021-04-28BangorGeneral Electric2021
11General ElectricKS2021-04-08Arkansas CityGE Aviation2021
12General ElectricCA932021-03-312021-05-30San RamonGeneral Electric Company2021
13General ElectricME702020-11-101 - Northeastern Workforce BoardGeneral Electric2020
14General ElectricWA662020-09-302020-09-30SeattleGE Healthcare2020
15General ElectricWI1232020-06-302020-08-31WauwatosaGE Healthcare2020
16General ElectricDE1942020-06-29GE Aviation2020
17General ElectricOH5292020-06-232020-04-17Cincinnati/HamiltonGeneral Electric Aviation2020
18General ElectricTX2572020-06-012020-06-12McAllenGE Engine Services, L.P.2020
19General ElectricKS1302020-05-30Arkansas CityGeneral Electric Aviation2020
20General ElectricLA312020-04-292020-06-29201 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70170GE Aviation2020
21General ElectricLA712020-04-292020-06-29201 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70170GE Gas Power2020
22General ElectricKS4202020-04-06Arkansas CityGeneral Electric Aviation2020
23General ElectricCA1722019-04-092019-06-09San RamonGeneral Electric Company2019
24General ElectricMD762018-11-272018-12-31LaurelGE Healthcare2018
25General ElectricCA1202018-03-212018-05-22San RamonGeneral Electric Company2018
26General ElectricCA1582017-11-072018-01-06San RamonGeneral Electric Company2017
27General ElectricNY892017-10-162018-01-16RochesterGeneral Electric MDS, LLC2017
28General ElectricKY1272017-04-272017-06-23FayetteGeneral Electric Company- Lexington Lamp Plant2017
29General ElectricOH1482017-04-112017-05-29Circleville/PickawayGeneral Electric (GE Lighting)2017
30General ElectricKY632017-04-032017-05-26PulaskiGeneral Electric Company Somerset Glass Plant Lighting2017
31General ElectricNY752017-01-272017-03-31AlbanyGeneral Electric Company - Industrial Automation Systems Department2017
32General ElectricNY82016-12-022017-03-03NewburghGeneral Electric Company Flight Operations2016
33General ElectricCT1002016-05-162016-07-08FairfieldGeneral Electric2016
34General ElectricVT142012-11-2000 - Vermont Workforce Investment AreaGE Healthcare2012
35General ElectricMD442011-01-262011-04-0120501 Seneca Medows Pkwy, Germantown, MDGE Aviation2011
36General ElectricIL872010-06-162009-05-17BloomingtonGeneral Electric Co.2010
37General ElectricTX932009-06-192009-07-17BedfordGeneral Electric - Bedford2009
38General ElectricTX562009-06-162009-09-17BedfordGeneral Electric - Bedford2009
39General ElectricTX342009-06-162009-03-18BedfordGeneral Electric - Bedford2009
40General ElectricIL1012008-06-112007-04-01CiceroGeneral Electric Co Chicago Plant Op.2008
41General ElectricIL562006-09-072005-09-15BloomingtonGeneral Electric Co.2006
42General ElectricTX202005-09-082005-11-08FriscoG. E. Consumer Finance2005
43General ElectricTX2022005-01-252005-04-01DallasGE Engine Services2005
44General ElectricIL2782002-04-01ChicagoGENERAL ELECTRIC CAPITAL CORPORATION2002
45General ElectricIL961999-10-01MattoonGENERAL ELECTRIC1999
46General ElectricIL01996-03-21DekalbGE MOTORS1996
47General ElectricIL601993-11-18DekalbGE MOTORS1993
48General ElectricIL11001987-09-011540 SOUTH 54TH AVENUE CICERO, IL 60650-1899G. E. APPLIANCES1987

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