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48 WARN Layoff Notices for Tesla from Aug 2017 to Jun 2024

Tesla filed 48 WARN layoff notices from Aug 2017 to Jun 2024 in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, Texas and Utah. 18,419 employees were laid off in total from these layoffs.
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Map of Tesla layoffs

All WARN layoff notices for Tesla

1TeslaCA522024-05-032024-06-20Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2024
2TeslaCA532024-05-032024-06-20Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2024
3TeslaCA1182024-05-032024-06-20Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2024
4TeslaCA652024-05-032024-06-2047700 Kato Road Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
5TeslaCA1492024-05-032024-06-20FremontTesla, Inc.2024
6TeslaCA1642024-05-032024-06-2045500 Fremont Blvd Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
8TeslaCA22024-04-222024-06-14Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2024
9TeslaCA112024-04-222024-06-14Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2024
10TeslaCA4032024-04-222024-06-14FremontTesla, Inc.2024
11TeslaCA2142024-04-222024-06-1447700 Kato Road Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
12TeslaCA1082024-04-222024-06-1447400 Kato Road Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
13TeslaCA192024-04-222024-06-14FremontTesla, Inc.2024
14TeslaCA32024-04-222024-06-1447811 Warm Springs Blvd Fremont CA 94539Tesla, Inc.2024
15TeslaCA2842024-04-222024-06-14LathropTesla, Inc.2024
16TeslaCA322024-04-222024-06-1418260 S Harlan Road Lathrop CA 95330Tesla, Inc.2024
17TeslaCA172024-04-222024-06-14LathropTesla, Inc.2024
18TeslaCA242024-04-222024-06-14LathropTesla, Inc.2024
19TeslaCA232024-04-222024-06-14LathropTesla, Inc.2024
20TeslaCA492024-04-222024-06-14Summit HillTesla, Inc.2024
21TeslaCA772024-04-222024-06-1417100 Murphy Parkway Lathrop CA 95330Tesla, Inc.2024
22TeslaCA92024-04-222024-06-14LathropTesla, Inc.2024
23TeslaCA302024-04-222024-06-14BurbankTesla, Inc.2024
24TeslaCA282024-04-222024-06-14BurbankTesla, Inc.2024
25TeslaCA62024-04-222024-06-14BurbankTesla, Inc.2024
26TeslaCA62024-04-222024-06-1444320-44350 Nobel Drive Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
27TeslaCA82024-04-222024-06-14FremontTesla, Inc.2024
28TeslaCA112024-04-222024-06-14FremontTesla, Inc.2024
29TeslaCA252024-04-222024-06-1447623 Fremont Blvd Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2024
30TeslaNY272024-04-18Tesla, Inc.2024
31TeslaMD552023-08-182023-10-16Hunt ValleyTesla2023
32TeslaCA2292022-06-292022-08-27San MateoTesla, Inc.2022
33TeslaCA2292022-06-292022-08-27Tesla, Inc.2022
34TeslaCA22022-06-272022-08-2747400 Kato Road Fremotn CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2022
35TeslaCA52022-06-272022-08-2747700 Kato Road Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2022
36TeslaCA12022-06-272022-08-2745201 Fremont Blvd. Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2022
37TeslaCA412022-06-272022-08-2745500 Fremont Blvd. Fremont CA 94538Tesla, Inc.2022
38TeslaCA1562020-05-052020-04-13LathropTesla Inc.2020
39TeslaCA110832020-05-052020-04-13FremontTesla, Inc2020
41TeslaCA842019-01-292019-03-20Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2019
42TeslaCA9642019-01-292019-03-20FremontTesla, Inc.2019
43TeslaCA1412019-01-292019-03-20LathropTesla, Inc.2019
45TeslaUT972018-10-10DraperTesla Energy Operations2018
46TeslaCA862018-06-152018-08-14Palo AltoTesla, Inc.2018
47TeslaCA4202018-06-152018-08-14FremontTesla, Inc.2018
48TeslaCA632017-08-292017-10-31RosevilleTesla, Inc.2017

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