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16 WARN Layoff Notices for Microsoft from Apr 2023 to May 2023

Microsoft filed 16 WARN layoff notices from Apr 2023 to May 2023 in California and Washington. 1,528 employees were laid off in total from these layoffs.
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See below for map, charts, and table of all 16 WARN Layoff Notices for Microsoft

Map of Microsoft layoffs

2MicrosoftWA5592023-03-282023-05-26Redmond and BellevueMicrosoft2023
3MicrosoftCA12023-03-232023-05-26San JoseMicrosoft2023
4MicrosoftCA12023-02-162023-05-26Santa ClaraMicrosoft2023
5MicrosoftCA192023-02-162023-05-26Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
6MicrosoftCA12023-02-162023-05-05Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
7MicrosoftCA412023-02-092023-04-10Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
8MicrosoftCA12023-02-092023-04-10Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
9MicrosoftCA12023-02-092023-04-10Santa ClaraMicrosoft2023
10MicrosoftCA72023-02-092023-04-10Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
11MicrosoftWA6892023-01-182023-05-05Redmond, Bellevue, IssaquahMicrosoft2023
12MicrosoftCA12023-01-182023-03-20Santa ClaraMicrosoft2023
13MicrosoftCA32023-01-182023-03-20Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
14MicrosoftCA12023-01-182023-03-20Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
15MicrosoftCA412023-01-182023-03-20Mountain ViewMicrosoft2023
16MicrosoftCA42020-06-082020-06-30Los AngelesL.A. Live Theater, LLC, DBA Microsoft Theater2020

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