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23 WARN Layoff Notices for A&P/Super Fresh from May 2011 to May 2023

A&P/Super Fresh filed 23 WARN layoff notices from May 2011 to May 2023 in Maryland. 1,514 employees were laid off in total from these layoffs.
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Map of A&P/Super Fresh layoffs

All WARN layoff notices for A&P/Super Fresh

1A&P/Super FreshMD372023-05-222011-07-065101 East Drive, Arbutus, MDA&P/Super Fresh2023
2A&P/Super FreshMD842011-05-062011-07-06BuskirkA&P/Super Fresh2011
3A&P/Super FreshMD442011-05-062011-07-0640 Souner Road, Brunswick, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
4A&P/Super FreshMD342011-05-062011-07-06Ballenger Creek Pkwy., Frederick, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
5A&P/Super FreshMD582011-05-062011-07-06RT 140, Englar Road, Westminster, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
6A&P/Super FreshMD682011-05-062011-07-067709 Harford Road, Parkville, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
7A&P/Super FreshMD632011-05-062011-07-061238 Bay Dale Drive, Arnold, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
8A&P/Super FreshMD672011-05-062011-07-067440 Ritchie Hwy., Glen Burnie, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
9A&P/Super FreshMD642011-05-062011-07-061155 Annapolis Road, Odenton, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
10A&P/Super FreshMD982011-05-062011-07-0637 W. Aylesbury Ave., Timonium, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
11A&P/Super FreshMD822011-05-062011-07-06125 West College St, Salisbury, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
12A&P/Super FreshMD762011-05-062011-07-06780 Cambridge, Cambridge, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
13A&P/Super FreshMD722011-05-062011-07-067280 Montgomery, Elkridge, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
14A&P/Super FreshMD832011-05-062011-07-063301 North Ridge Road, Ellicott City, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
15A&P/Super FreshMD612011-05-062011-07-06Route 213, Wash Square, Chestertown, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
16A&P/Super FreshMD582011-05-062011-07-068905 Belair Road, Baltimore, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
17A&P/Super FreshMD752011-05-062011-07-061238 Putty Hill, Towson, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
18A&P/Super FreshMD582011-05-062011-07-06504 Ridgeville Blvd. Mount Airy, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
19A&P/Super FreshMD652011-05-062011-07-061763 Chesaco Ave., Rosedale, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
20A&P/Super FreshMD952011-05-062011-07-061350 W. 41st Street, Baltimore, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
21A&P/Super FreshMD372011-05-062011-07-065101 East Drive, Arbutus, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
22A&P/Super FreshMD912011-05-062011-07-067005 Security Blvd., Woodlawn, MDA&P/Super Fresh2011
23A&P /Super FreshMD442011-05-06222 N Charles St. Baltimore, MDA&P /Super Fresh2011

A&P/Super Fresh layoffs over time

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